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hap·pen·stance  |  noun  |   /ˈhapənˌstans/

A circumstance or happening which occurs by chance; a chance situation, especially one producing a good result.


That is exactly why Happenstance Studio began. Born from an unwanted circumstance (a corporate marketing job I was super unhappy in) and a situation that came out of nowhere. When the two came together, I quit that lousy gig and set out on my own! 
I set my business up in my hometown of Kansas City, Missouri, and never looked back. Now I am able to help enthusiastic and creative entrepreneurs, like you, find your visual voice through strategic graphic design. My intention is to help you brand your business so you can start to build the life you want.

If you think we might be a good fit to help your dream come true then please get in touch...I'd love to hear from you!

sa·man·tha  |  noun  |   ‎/sə-MAN-thə/

Graphic designer who wants to help others like herself; one who is obsessed with noodles and Halloween.


My name is Samantha (and yes, you can call me Sam) and I'm the heart + soul + proud biz mama behind Happenstance Studio. Most days you'll find me clicking away in my home office or snuggling up with all my furbabies on the couch. I've been skydiving (and would totally recommend it), am scuba certified and love traveling to new cities. Ripped jeans and a ball cap serve as my uniform and if I had one superpower it would be the ability to sniff out the best brunch within 20 miles. I'm laid-back, sarcastic and love to giggle at silly things like wiggly puppy butts.

I'd love to get to know more about you, as well. Drop me a line and let's make some new friends!


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A cannoli or 2...or 3 comfy
My main little man, Cooper
Halloween & Autumn
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