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Happenstance Studio Brand Launch

Hello, everyone and welcome! I am beyond excited to finally be launching today... EEK!! Since you only get one "first post" I thought the best use of it would be to introduce Happenstance to you lovely folks. My studio offers branding and design services for creative entrepreneurs—all you dreamers, doers, bakers and candlestick makers of the world—with design packages structured to help you hit the ground running. It also features a lifestyle blog where I'll be sharing my story; everything I think could help you in one facet of your life or another. What drives me, home inspiration, fitness, frustrations, design, tips and anything else that may come up. Did you know that Happenstance is literally just a mash-up of the words "happen" and "circumstance?" Life is so incredibly unpredictable, but I believe that we can take those circumstances and what happens to us and use them to create the life we want. Makers and doers setting out on their own in search of something bigger and better? That's the ultimate in fear and self-doubt and terrifying change...but it doesn't have to be. Chance and change and opportunity can be wonderful things! I am taking a chance on myself with this business so it was only fitting to choose the name, Happenstance Studio.


Mood Board: Happenstance Studio

cotton | numbers | pillow | basket | door | monogram | chambray | donuts | america

So, with this ideology in mind I started the process of branding my biz. It all began with a mood board. This is (not-so-secretly) one of my favorite parts of the design process because I get to hunt for that perfect combination of images with that oh-so-special vibe distinct to every project. And really, who doesn't love trolling Pinterest for hours, am I right? I wanted to re-frame the entire concept of life's unpredictability; while it can be terrifying it is also something we can rely on. Change is always present in our lives and if we embrace the idea as something we can trust and utilize rather than something to be feared then it becomes a trusted ally. So, I brought in elements that are constant, relaxed, comfortable, inviting... I really wanted to evoke a calm, welcoming, classic feeling overall in order to make change less scary. I searched and searched and found this wonderful collection of images that speaks to everything the brand is trying to accomplish. I just adore it!


Brand Board: Happenstance Studio

Once I had that down, I went on to create my full brand. I brought in elements like approachable, handwritten lettering and a classic serif font accent to offset the modernity of the characters of the logo. Creating an alternate and adding stamps for instances where a logo isn't appropriate plus a submark for watermarking rounds it all out. I also included organic elements inspired by the moodboard as part of the assets with the watercolor, wood accents and a subtle classic pattern to keep things from being too rigid. Keeping the palette soft with several shades in the same family of denim hues, plus the added tones of natural textures, keeps this timeless and warm and super-duper cozy.

I'll be honest, folks. I may have made this process sound easy as 1, 2, 3 but I probably created eight other half-developed brands. Creating an identity for yourself is far more difficult than creating one for a client! However, I am so, so, SOOOOO pleased with the end result and can't wait to get started!

There will be more developments to the site in upcoming months but please be patient as these things take time. Thank you for taking your time to visit and I hope you come back again soon!

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