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Evie Anderson Brand Launch

Hi, everyone! Today I am THRILLED to introduce you to the Evie Anderson brand!! This one was such a total ball to work on. Evie, a budding new romance novelist, needed a logo and brand foundation to get her started at the launch of her first book In the Fast Lane. How exciting, right?! Evie is a good friend of mine so needless to say we were all giddy when she told us she was going to be published...and when she asked me to put together a logo for her?? Ec-static! So after a chat about what she was looking for I went to work and put together a mood board based on her feedback. Can I just tell you that I'm in love with this baby? It's so sweet and sexy and fun!

Evie Anderson Mood Board

love / heart / woman / portrait / lips / say yeah / bed sheets / mind blowing / books / typing

After the mood board was given the thumbs up (she was super pleased with it which made my day!) I got to work on some logo options. Evie was sure she wanted something simple that just used her name, but also had a hand-rendered quality to it. Since she wasn't 100% certain exactly what direction she wanted to go I provided a few variations within that range for her to ponder over. She ended up selecting #1 which made my day because it was my favorite for her.

Evie Anderson Logo Options

And y'all, the final brand board is just to die for as far as I'm concerned! In addition to her main logo I provided an alternate orientation for vertical layouts as well as a stamp perfect for signing off at the end of her bio or dedications or even a little snippet on her website. The tag is one of my favorite elements of this entire suite! It's the sweetest little moniker that's great for promoting her book and any other products that may come from her writing! I created some simple but bold patterns to pair with her logos; sweet little hearts and XOs to complement her cheeky and super feminine style.

Evie Anderson Brand Board

I wanted Evie's stationery suite to be a little softer so that her correspondences wouldn't always shout at people. So, with that in mind we put this package together. Playing off a little bit of an angular motif to create some structure but in a sweet, soft pink shade to keep it feminine. Overall, we kept her stamp and sign-off on each item so that her signature "goodbye" would always be present. The patterns come into play here on the reverse sides of the note and business cards and I think they're just adorable.

Evie Anderson Stationery

I just love that Evie wanted to have some fun with her brand. The sexy, playful, feminine vibe was such a blast to work on with her and I'm pleased as punch we were able to build her such a pretty foundation that she can go out into the world and promote. If you haven't already, scoot on over to Amazon and download a copy of her book, In the Fast Lane now!

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