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Brand Launch: The Real KC

I am so excited to share this brand launch with you! Jamie and her good friend set out to start The Real KC, a socially aware, inclusive site that generates engaging and inspiring content for real women living real life in Kansas City. It's a place where women from all walks of life can connect with each other to find encouragement and talk about the real topics affecting their lives.

Jamie contacted me to design a logo to for her new project. I found the concept so inspiring and signed on immediately! To be able to contribute, even in a small way, to such a wonderfully supportive and inclusive place had me sold. I was instantly inspired and worked up up mood board options that reflected the feminine, laid back, casual, local-centric style she'd explained to me. This was the one she selected and BONUS–it was my favorite!

The Real KC Mood Board

Next it was onto the logo options. She'd really wanted something that was expressive, had a handmade and well...REAL quality to it so I tried to stray away from rigid letter forms and do something that felt fun and free. I wanted the logo to have a grittiness to it that reflected the life and times of the women that would be part of Jamie's audience. These were the #grittybutpretty options I provide and I'm super happy with her selection!

The Real KC Logo Options

Once she chose her favorite it was time to wrap it all up and tie it in a bow. I created the final brand with the supporting elements including patterns, a stamp and a submark. Such a fun look!

The Real KC Brand Board

I also created a Quick Reference Style Guide for her to use when starting to implement her brand. It shows the preferred logo, how the alternates can be used and values for color palette. I find these to be so helpful, especially for people who aren't in the design industry or familiar with the software programs. They can help so much with reproduction of items and when speaking with a printer or vendor.

The Real KC Brand Quick Guide

Finally, I put together a few t-shirt options for her to implement. Unfortunately, she had to put this on hold but I just love them and want to share them as part of the overall design.

I think overall The Real KC brand has such a wonderful feeling of femininity, strength, softness and grit. I adore it and am so, so happy I was able to contribute to Jamie's new endeavor!

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