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Who doesn't love a FREEBIE, am I right?! I put together these cuties just for you to download and print right at home. Relationships, no matter what stage they're in, are awkward and real and sometimes super comfortable which makes finding the right card at the store a challenge. So, I made my own and I want to share them with you today. Download now or check them out a little below first to choose your favorite one!

1. The Friend Zone

This one perfectly sums up that "totally stuck in the friend-zone" situation or the "super early and still awkward" stage in a relationship when you don't want to share too much but sometimes it happens anyway. Sigh...we've all been there.

2. The Anti-Valentine

We all know that one person who just isn't into emoting or expressing emotions of any kind, but that doesn't mean they don't still care.

3. The Honest

A little sweeter and up front because, well, you know...priorities.

I hope you enjoy these cards as much as I enjoyed creating them. If you'd like to download please click here and choose your favorite...or grab all 3! Happy Valentine's Day, sweets!!

XO – Sam

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