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5 Color Palettes Inspired by Pantone

5 Color Palettes Inspired by Pantone Spring 2017 Fashion Color Report

Pantone is in the business of color. They’re at the forefront of predictions, trends and pretty much anything that has to do with the millions of hues out there in the world. Each year they publish seasonal reports in both Spring and Fall with their overview of the hot new colors showing up on the runways of New York Fashion Week. What you see on those runways will soon trickle down the pipeline into graphic and interior design giving those of us who can’t attend fashion week a preview of what’s about to be surrounding us in all areas of life.

So, what are the Pantone Spring 2017 Fashion Color Report picks, you ask? Below are the hues that fashion designers are using in their collections and you can see that there’s definitely an emphasis on big, bold colors—no shrinking violets here!

Pantone Spring 2017 Fashion Color Report Colors

A return to primaries in a season where nature shines her brightest makes these beauties great choices for vibrant designs. These louder shades share the stage with a few softer counterparts, all of which support a celebration of Mother Earth at her finest. Which one is your favorite?? I’m pretty partial to Hazelnut and Niagara. Maaaaaaybe be because they resemble a few of my brand colors, but who knows? ;) Click here if you’d like an even more detailed breakdown by Pantone of why these colors were selected and why we love them so much.

So, given that Spring has already sprung here in Kansas City (it was here in mid-February, if you can believe it) I was inspired to create a few palettes inspired by some of these shades that would translate extremely well into graphic design applications. I chose my favorites and had some fun so let’s dive into the first one, shall we?

Color palette inspired by Pantone color "Niagara"

Niagara is a soft, denim-like blue that reminds us all of our need to relax and be comfortable (I can totally relate to that!) so I chose to pair this lovely shade with a deeper blue for contrast and some lovely yellows that just scream spring. The soothing blues are very classic and paired with yellow it has an almost preppy, but still super relaxed, vibe. This combo conjures up images of florals blooming everywhere which makes me want to swing in a hammock in the garden and watch the little birds flutter around. (Image credit here).

Color palette inspired by Pantone color "Primrose Yellow"

Primrose Yellow is an incredibly warm, happy shade of yellow that just makes you want to head to the dessert to feel the sun on your face. This yellow reminds me of endless sunsets where the sky just crawls for days so I added some softer shades of coraly-pink (can’t you just picture that sunset?) and tones of cactii to ground it all and add a little earthiness.

Color palette inspired by Pantone color "Flame"

Flame is soooo beautiful! Super vibrant and full of reminds me all the stunning colors found in citrus and fresh fruit. That punch you find in foods all around the world is totally captured in this shade. Flame is a color you can’t ignore and these sweet, fruit/candy inspired tones just make you want to dive into a pitcher of grapefruit lemonade. Delicious! (Image credit here).

Color palette inspired by Pantone color "Hazelnut"

Hazelnut, a quiet player in this Spring’s lineup, is such a lovely neutral that it pretty much goes with everything. Ii thought it would be lovely paired with a soft shade of lavender and some chocolate tones. Highlighted by the cooler shades it adds a richness overall that just makes you want to lick it up with a spoon. it just me?? (Image credit here).

Color palette inspired by Pantone color "Island Paradise"

Island Paradise is completely self-explanatory! The color on its own makes you think of sea glass, breaking waves, pristine beaches and beautiful blue waters. To support this calming aqua I created a palette that is (almost) monochromatic to showcase all those other blues that are found in an island paradise. (Image credit here).

Now that I think of it, all of these palettes make me want to swing in a hammock somewhere. Haha! Spring is a time of renewal and beauty and growth and it’s only appropriate that we celebrate it with color in all its’ vibrant glory. Look to nature for inspiration and you’ll never be disappointed!


If you enjoyed this post, would like to see more posts like it or have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Any of these combinations would translate into a beautiful palette for a brand so please know that if it speaks to you I’d love to have a conversation about your needs!

Happy Spring, everyone!

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